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Description:   P2P-GUI is a web frontend for MLdonkey/aMule/rTorrent/Transmission/giFT. It combines multiple web interfaces with multiple client back-ends on top of a simple and fast web server.

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MP4WEB MP4WEB is a little web frontend for mp4live (part of MPEG4IP). With MP4WEB you can manage mp4live configurations, create, view and encode (MPEG4) live streams, watch recorded mp4 files... everything via web browser.

MyWebPlayer: Mplayer Web Remote Control This is simple web-frontend to mplayer for any unix-like OS. It's use for remote control mplayer, for web-based device (for example PDA or SmartPhone). It uses php-based webserver, so all you need to make it work - php and bash. remote for mplayercompatible with any ...

PPPSW-Online This software provides a graphical web frontend for Polar heart rate monitors and it's files. It's written in Perl entirely and uses GD to present incredible graphs on quarterly/daily base. It allows to manage plans for your training too.

PSTools GUI PSTools GUI is a graphical frontend for the PSTools command line tools. It allows for easier use and understanding of the available tools offered by PSTools.

Prolifics Open Source Software for Linux Build applications for app. servers e.g. IBM WebSphere,GUI or WEB. Panther includes EJB Component Builder and supports auto-generation of component interfaces. Supports team development, debugging, vcs, reporting, native support for all major databases.

QARelease QARelease is written in python, utilizing the Zope3 framework. Aim is to provide a means to manage code releases, versioning, and resources between multiple Dev, QA, and Production environments via a web frontend.

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Simple SQLite Manager Simple SQLite Manager is web frontend for managing SQLite databases. It requires PHP >= 5.0.0 tu run.

nessquik nessquik is a fast web frontend for the Nessus Vulnerability Scanner. It uses modern javascript technologies to deliver a responsive, easy to use interface that lets people quickly schedule scans using Nessus.

IDRA Admin GUI IDRA is a GUI that act as a frontend for various terminal apps commonly shipped in a Linux Distro.This give a simple way to monitor system and devices process.This GUI is generatad with GAMBAS

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P2P-Wifi-Linux-FileSharing We intend to develop a wifi enabled p2p file sharing system on a linux platform using jxta and java. The purpose is to build a system that can be ported to an embedded device at a later stage and be used for p2p file sharing ...

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